Although our 100% cotton flannelette sheets are obviously fancy, we can guarantee that they’ll be the lowest maintenance partner you’ve ever had in bed! 

Wash before use on a cold or warm setting without exceeding temperatures of 40°C. Adding 1⁄4 cup of vinegar to the wash will set the colour and minimise the risk of pilling. To maintain the softness, avoid using fabric softeners as this compromises the cotton’s integrity and will result in stiffening rather than softening. Hang dry in the shade wherever possible or tumble dry on low. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Store in a shaded location.

There are some key principles that can be followed to prolong the lifespan of your flannelette sheets. 

  • Temperature Control: When washing your sheets, keep temperatures low. The warmer the water, the more damage caused to the soft fibres in the sheets.
  • Sensitive Substances: When washing your sheets, use a mild detergent and avoid all bleaches and fabric softeners. Also ensure all detergents are thoroughly rinsed from your sheets prior to drying.
  • Careful Dry: If possible, hang dry your sheets in the shade. Sun exposure and tumble drying will both compromise the integrity of the cotton. If absolutely necessary, tumble dry on the lowest setting.

As with all natural fabrics, our 100% organic cotton flannelette sheets may be subject to slight pilling. As this is normal for natural fibres, it is not considered a fault or defect. However, by following these simple tips, you can minimise excess pilling in your sheets:

  • Wash before use: This will remove any additional fibres that have been left over from manufacturing.
  • Clean skin leads to clean sheets: Try to give lotions and oils time to sink into your skin before climbing into bed so that they don’t transfer onto your sheets.
  • Gentle wash only: Choose the gentle cycle when machine washing your sheets to avoid excess friction.
  • Line dry: Tumble dryers are the antithesis to healthy sheets. If possible, exclusively line dry your sheets.

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