Benefits of Flannelette

Ethical & Sustainable

Our 100% cotton flannelette sheets are a certified product of the Better Cotton Initiative. This means that you can sleep soundly, knowing that your flannelette sheets are actually contributing to the global sustainability initiative and are considered to be one of the few resources that have been ethically sourced and produced. From farming through to manufacturing and distributing, our Better Cotton sheets contribute to improving soil health, water management, greenhouse gas emissions and climate resilience globally whilst also providing a stable income and better lifestyle for all participants of the supply chain.

Oh, so soft!

Do you ever daydream about climbing into bed at night? Once you’ve got a set of our sheets, you’ll start. Quintessentially luxurious, our 100% cotton flannelette sheets are warm yet breathable, thick and soft, and have been acknowledged to be the best sheets for sensitive skin. Trust us. We’ve got firsthand experience that says our sheets will have your dreaming during the day as well as the night! 

Easy Maintenance

Taking care of your flannelette sheets is a breeze. The fabric is machine washable and dries quickly, making laundry day a hassle-free task. With proper care, flannelette sheets retain their softness and colour, ensuring that your sheets continues to look and feel as inviting as the day you bought them.


Despite its exceptional warmth, flannelette remains highly breathable, allowing air circulation and preventing overheating. The fabric’s ability to wick away moisture helps regulate your body temperature, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment. Say goodbye to sweaty nights and hello to a refreshing and revitalizing slumber.


Flannelette bed sheets are not only luxuriously soft but also built to last. Crafted from high-quality materials, these sheets are designed to withstand regular use and wash after wash without losing their softness or shape.

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